Editorial webcast

SC Media will create a one-hour audio/slide presentation webcast on an agreed-upon topic.

SC editorial will host and manage the production/promotion for the event. SC will maintain full editorial control over both content development and its choice of speakers.

SC Media will recognize the sponsor in all promotional material (the event registration page and on the website console). During the webcast, your company will be introduced as the sponsor. After the webcast and Q&A, there will be an option for the sponsor company to present a five-minute presentation/product demonstration to viewers.

  • 3-4 week promotional campaign to drive registration for the webcast
  • 12-month on-demand archived event
  • Promotion of sponsor during webcast
  • Sponsor may give five-minute presentation at the end of the editorial program

20/20 Editorial webcast

This conversational-style webcast is ideally suited for campaigns that incorporate thought and industry leadership messaging.

The sponsor’s expert representative will be interviewed by a senior member of the SC editorial team regarding market trends and research, etc., on the topic of choice. The event will run for 30 minutes and will include a live Q&A with attendees. At the start of the program, and about a month out from the event date, a 30-minute meeting/phone call will be arranged between the expert representative and SC editorial to review and discuss the planned topic, plus what slides will be required to support the discussion.

Note: As this is a thought leadership and editorial webcast, specific product pitches will not be permitted during the webcast.

Vendor webcasts

SC Magazine’s vendor webcasts have proven to be an effective lead-generation tool for advertisers.

70%of users have viewed or plan to view a webcast on SCMagazine.com

The vendor webcast format will allow the sponsor to control its messaging while benefiting from the fact that the webcast will be moderated by a senior member of SC Media’s editorial team. Once the live webcast is over, the event is then archived on our site – enabling the sponsor to further promote the asset.

This is an ideal solution for companies who have speakers/analysts and a specific topic they wish to present, and prefer a turnkey marketing/production partner.

  • Sponsor produces the content and arranges the presenters/presentation slides.
  • SC editorial moderates the event and the live Q&A session.
  • SC promotes registration to its audience via email blasts and website promotion.
  • SC guarantees 150 leads per vendor-webcast sponsorship.
  • SC will also provide a separate registration link that the sponsor can use to promote the event to its own database. Leads via this link will not count toward the Lead guarantee offered by SC.

Market Focus Webcast

Sponsor-produced content that is based on research from a Market Focus survey. This webcast much be purchased with a Market Focus survey.

30 minute webcast comprised of:

  • 20 minute vendor presentation within the webcast
  • 10 minutes SC editorial moderated Q&A with Vendor’s market expert
  • 12 month on-demand archrived event on SCMagazine.com