SC Media is proud to announce the launch of a new digital advertising initiative:

TECHSCAPE Custom Content Program

TECHSCAPE will provide advertisers with a unique digital marketing opportunity to develop sponsored custom content, including articles and posts, which SC Media will optimize digitally for enhanced audience engagement.


  • Advertisers will have the opportunity to amplify thought leadership along-side your brand messaging – on specific cyber security issues of your choice  – to your target audience of IT security business decision-makers and professionals, delivered exclusively through SC Media.
  • This digital initiative will complement your current brand messaging in a custom and unique way that will define it within the marketplace.
  • TECHSCAPE will leverage the halo effect of SC Media as a leading authority on the latest analyses and solutions mitigating risk and safeguarding intellectual property.
  • Industry data indicates that custom content programs enjoy higher levels of engagement and interaction. Like any advertising solution offered by SC Media, the TECHSCAPE initiative will deliver a significant ROI for your advertising investment.

What platforms will TECHSCAPE operate on?

  • The program will launch on our digital platform and can be extended to others as your custom program requires.

How does TECHSCAPE Work?

  • The editorial team and sales team at SC Media will work with advertisers to create a custom marketing program that will run alongside your standard brand advertising program.
  • Our teams will consult with you to ensure that your objectives are met and your content reaches your target audience.
  • Your custom content will be showcased as TECHSCAPE, Powered by [Your Brand].

What does TECHSCAPE mean for your brand?

  • TECHSCAPE aligns your brand with the latest thought leadership on a topic critical to your business and your marketing needs to create a complete and defined brand initiative.
  • This customized digital marketing initiative will result in more exposure and further brand development.

What’s the investment level for TECHSCAPE?

    • Because this is a custom program, SC Media will work with you to devise the best possible return on your ad spend for the best price.

For more information, contact David Steifman at