Once published in an SC Media Group Test, the featured vendor can purchase the rights to market the information gathered from our research team to further promote the product. Our knowledgeable sales executives will assist you on planning PR and Promotional distribution.

In our Group Tests each month, we look at several products around a common theme based on a predetermined set of SC Labs standards (performance, ease of use, features, documentation, support, and value for money). There are roughly 50 individual criteria in the general test process. These criteria were developed by the SC Magazine Lab in cooperation with the Center for Regional and National Security at Eastern Michigan University. We developed second sets of standards specifically for the groups under test and use the Common Criteria (ISO 1548) as a basis for the test plan.

All reviews are vetted for consistency, correctness and completeness by our accredited experts prior to being submitted for publication. The subsequent articles resulting from the Group Tests are a highly effective marketing tool once featured in SC Magazine, as 93% of readers say our site is the best for IT product reviews. Our reviews are highly trusted in the marketplace and will help develop a larger consumer base if utilized as part of a marketing initiative.

SC Media offers various printable, non printable, and email marketing rights to help the featured product continue to grow. These options include hard-copy reprints, ready to use non-print PDF files, a market collateral license, newsletters, trade show packages, plaques, posters and more. Each marketing strategy has certain advantages designed to maximize the exposure for each specific product. Hard-copy reprints can be mailed directly to clients, whereas electronic marketing and web licenses are ideal for email marketing campaigns and can be hosted on the vendor’s website. Additionally, investing in a marketing collateral license, a full marketing license or a full digital marketing license allows the purchasing company to use parts of a product review, editorial quotes, star ratings, and more. Vendors also have the option of purchasing placements in our monthly newsletter, which reaches 57,000 of our most engaged subscribers. SC Media also offers flexible and custom trade show packages with a variety of options in marketing collateral, non-print Eprint and international use. We will work directly with you to find the right marketing package for the best price to get the most exposure for your product.

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