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SC Media’s most established email newsletter, SC Media Newswire, is distributed daily.

This newsletter reaches the inboxes of 32,000+ cybersecurity security professionals each day, enabling sponsors to cost-effectively promote their marketing message. Sponsorship of SC Magazine Newswire is ideal for corporate-, product- and event-related advertising.

81%of site visitors receive SC Media Newswire
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  • SC Media Newswire provides subscribers with the latest cybersecurity news, including industry happenings, recent SC Media columns, and the most up-to-date product reviews from the SC Labs.
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Product Buzz and Industry Buzz

Exclusive email blast to qualified buyers

Reach out to buyer’s without waiting for them to find you. SC Media’s Featured Product Buzz email and Industry Buzz email allows vendors to promote their products to 30,000+ qualified  cybersecurity buyers.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to foster interest in your products by pairing the offer with the SC Media brand. Use this email to promote free trials, special offers, free downloads and new releases.

Exclusive sponsors of emails receive:

  • Message to 30,000+ subscribers
  • 100 words of text
  • Link to your company’s registration page
  • 40-50 words of text about your company
  • Link to your company’s website

Plese inquire about Product Buzz and Industry Buzz email rates.