SC Media eBooks

An eBook sponsorship is an easy way for your company to associate its marketing message with relevant editorial content, generating targeted leads in the process. With over 25 years of providing editorial insight and analysis that cybersecurity professionals trust, SC Media is well placed to provide high quality eBook content.

SC Media eBooks are completely vendor-agnostic and the content is gated on SCMagazine.com requiring registration to access. Each eBook contains approximately six pages of new editorial content, plus may include additional and relevant material previously published by SC Media. SC Media will promote each eBook via a dedicated email blast, along with additional promotion on SC digital properties.

Sponsorship of each eBook will be offered to one or more companies. This sponsorship will include:

  • Sponsor company logo on the eBook front cover
  • Sponsor company logo and description will be included at the end of the eBook.
  • Option to run a one-page advertisement or advertorial within the eBook. This is ideal for the promotion of a relevant customer case study, product solution brief or corporate promotion message.

Each sponsor will be responsible for providing ad materials.

eBook Calendar

January: PCI, Cyberinsurance,  Identity & Access Management
February: Risk /Audit /Compliance
March: Mobile Security
April: Predictive Analytics
May: Endpoint Security
June: Cyberespionage


eBook sponsorships are sold on a cost-per-lead basis with minimum guaranteed leads.